Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Wolf Rock Band

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NEW TheWolfRockBand.tumblr.com - this new web site of ours has links to the MP3s for our music at Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play - there are also video links and more information in an easier to read format.

Get all our albums with this link - click here

Thanks for listening to our music!  A HUGE THANKS to all who purchase out music - we really appreciate the support!!  If you listen to our music on streaming services, please follow us and add our songs to your playlists - thanks for your support!!

NEW - The Wolf Rock Band is on some country albums with Buffalo Dave

NEW Sports Music and Sports Anthems - new album

Surf's Up Dude! - Surf Music Album - Sample and get our rad surfing music album here - Cool surf videos also!

Pound Dog - Rescue Dog Album - Now Available - you can sample and get the album here - Rockabilly swinging and matching Elvis suits!

You can watch our music video for Everybody Rock right here:

Everybody Rock … In The Swiss Alps … Watch for FUNNY surprise:
The Swiss Alps - Swiss Cheese in the Swiss Alps
Fireworks Rock Happy Birthday Song - Birthday Card Video:
Fireworks Rock Happy Birthday Video - YouTube - watch here

Rock Happy Birthday Song - A Longer Mix - Birthday Card Video - Send to your friends!

Happy Birthday Remix


Happy Birthday Song Rap Remix - Fireworks Birthday Card - DD Rapman The Wolf Rock Band

Hard Rock Happy Birthday Video - Original extended length
Carol Of The Bells Rock Version

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS - Extended Version - Watch for FUNNY surprises by the manger - Features music from our Carol Of The Bells Album  and our Happy Birthday Album -  Watch all the video versions of Happy Birthday Jesus

We have more versions of Happy Birthday Jesus - click here for information.

Be sure to check out our little wolf - Tofu - The Fastest Poodle:

Is this a dog trick or a people trick ? -- I'm not quite sure who taught who! 

Click on the picture to watch her amazing videos with original song "Born To Run"!

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