Friday, September 1, 2017

The Wolf Rock Band

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NEW - this new web site of ours has links to the MP3s for our music at Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play - there are also video links and more information in an easier to read format.

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NEW - The Wolf Rock Band is on some country albums with Buffalo Dave

Halloween - get ready for Halloween with our Happy Halloween Videos and Music Album

Surf's Up Dude! - Surf Music Album - Sample and get our rad surfing music album here - Cool surf videos also!

Pound Dog - Rescue Dog Album - Now Available - you can sample and get the album here - Rockabilly swinging and matching Elvis suits!

You can watch our music video for Everybody Rock right here:

Everybody Rock … In The Swiss Alps … Watch for FUNNY surprise:
The Swiss Alps - Swiss Cheese in the Swiss Alps
Fireworks Rock Happy Birthday Song - Birthday Card Video:
Fireworks Rock Happy Birthday Video - YouTube - watch here

Rock Happy Birthday Song - A Longer Mix - Birthday Card Video - Send to your friends!

Happy Birthday Remix

Happy Birthday Song Rap Remix - Fireworks Birthday Card - DD Rapman The Wolf Rock Band

Hard Rock Happy Birthday Video - Original extended length
Carol Of The Bells Rock Version

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS - Extended Version - Watch for FUNNY surprises by the manger - Features music from our Carol Of The Bells Album  and our Happy Birthday Album -  Watch all the video versions of Happy Birthday Jesus

We have more versions of Happy Birthday Jesus - click here for information.

Be sure to check out our little wolf - Tofu - The Fastest Poodle:

Is this a dog trick or a people trick ? -- I'm not quite sure who taught who! 

Click on the picture to watch her amazing videos with original song "Born To Run"!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Auld Lang Syne - Old Lang Syne - Happy New Year! - New Rock and Rap Albums

Auld Lang Syne - Old Lang Syne - Happy New Year! - New Rock and Rap Albums - Get Them Here!

Two New Albums of Auld Lang Syne - Old Lang Syne – Happy New Year - Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?? 
Country and traditional violin versions are also featured on the Rock Auld Lang Syne Album
Our album Everybody Rock Remixes – We’re Gonna Rock You! Yes, We Will We Will Rock You! also has some Happy New Year Song mixes.
New Happy New Year / Auld Lange Syne Video Greeting Cards - More should come out during the last month in December - Click Here To Watch All The Happy New Year Videos

Thursday, March 29, 2012

TheWolfRockBand -- Rock On! Rock On! Everybody Rock!

The Wolf Rock Band

Rock On! Rock On! Everybody Rock!

Our album is now available at  
You can listen to part of each song for free -- please check it out!

You can watch our new music video for Rock On! Rock On! Everybody Rock right here:

NEW Happy Birthday Party In The House Album -- Here it is at
Here is a link to our "Birthday Party In The House" album at - NOW AVAILABLE

You can watch the Hard Rock Happy Birthday video here:

NEW Rap Happy Birthday Song Video

DD Rapman now has his own website

NEW - Rock Happy Birthday - Birthday Card Video - Send to your friends!

More versions of Happy Birthday available at